Using the Site

Torrent Colors

Green entries (trusted) are: Red entries (remake) are torrents that matching any of the following: Orange entries are: Grey entries are:
Search results can be filtered by category, remake, trusted, and users. The results can be further sorted by size, date, seeders, leechers, completed count, and comment count.
You can combine search terms with the | operator, such as horrible|cartel.
To exclude results matching a certain word, prefix them with -, e.g. FFF -memesubs, which will return torrents with FFF in the name, but not those which have memesubs in the name as well.
If you want to search for a several-word expression in its entirety, you can surround searches with " (double quotes), such as "foo bar", which would match torrents named foo bar but not those named bar foo.
You can also use ( and ) to signify precedence.

Reporting Torrents

If you find a torrent that breaks the rules, click the button to the right of the torrent's information page. Then, enter a reason for your report in the dialog that opens, and hit the button to confirm.

Styling Descriptions and Comments

You can style your comments and your torrent's description using Markdown. This includes adding images or linking to external websites.
To link to an external site, use [label]( where the text in the [] square brackets is the shown text of your link, and the URL in the () parentheses is the URL your link will point to.
Embedding an image is similar. Use ![alt text]( to have an image embedded in your comment or description. Note the ! exclamation mark at the beginning, denoting that this link is an image.

Changing Your User's Avatar

The site uses the Gravatar service for user avatars. Check out Gravatar's help section for more detailed instructions.

Deleting Your Torrent

If you wish to delete one of your torrents, navigate to the torrent's page, click the Edit () icon on the top left, scroll down and hit the button.

Getting Trusted Status

At the moment we have no established process for granting trusted status to users who did not previously have it. If and when we establish such a process it will be announced.